The Intravision Project is an ongoing pursuit with the development of fusion of spiritual or consciousness practices with creative or artistic practices ultimately leading to social and planetary transformation. Awareness of how things are and how things could be is the nuts and bolts of artistic practice, spiritual practice and creating social change. When awareness happens on a personal level, a person becomes an inspired human being, it radiates outward affecting others and then, and only then, can a community or collective awareness take place. Awareness is the first step in order for change to happen. It is a process that requires discipline and being an artist and being a spiritual practitioner is one and the same. 


Intra is a prefix used to describe going within or something inside. Vision means observation or perception or the ability to see. Intravision therefore means using certain disciplines to go within and therefore obtaining the ability to observe, perceive and/or see what is on the inside.

"The basic problem in artistic endeavor is the tendency to split the artist from the audience and then try to send a message from one to the other. When this happens art becomes exhibitionism. One person may get a tremendous flash of inspiration and rush to "put it down on paper" to impress or excite others, and a more deliberate artist may strategize each step of his work to produce certain effects on his viewers. But no matter how well-intentioned or technically accomplished such approaches may be, they inevitably become clumsy and aggressive toward others and toward oneself. In meditative art, the artist embodies the viewer as well as the creator of the works."

- Artist and renowned Buddhist master Chögyam Trungpa, True Perception: The Path of Dharma Art


The Intravision Project stems from my passionate interest in having conversations that lead to actions that lead to raised consciousness that lead to creative output and ultimately lead to forms of activism. This community-based system asks that participants engage the most authentic parts of themselves by putting into practice forms of self-discipline including, but not exclusively, yoga, meditation, reflection and art-making. The Intravision Project also asks for an examination of the roles and relationships of artists and their audience, the audience's relationship to the production of art, the intersectionality of artistic and spiritual practices and most importantly, the IMPACT of their actions. Without consciousness of the impact of their actions and taking responsibility, a person/artist/community cannot affect successful change.



“Awareness practice is not just sitting meditation or meditation-in-action alone. It is a unique training practice in how to behave as an inspired human being. That is what is meant by being an artist.” – Chogyam Trungpa

Experiential, Experimental, and Environmental Dharmic Fusion of Art and Yoga Practice
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